About Us

Portuguese Furniture, Sofas and Mattresses Supplier

We are the ideal supplier for stores to buy and conciliate pieces from the best Portugal furniture factories and manufacturers.
With us you can buy individual pieces and make small orders. Perfect for your store!

Founded more than 30 years ago by Mr. Jorge de Oliveira Leite, our company started in the area of commerce and resale of home furniture. Currently we are a large supplier, wholesaler and distributor of furniture, sofas and mattresses made on the best Portuguese factories. We are a traditional family company and we have two warehouses with a total covered area of around 7000m2. This gives us all the conditions for the growth and internationalization of our company as well to always ensure the requirements of our customers.

If you own a store or shop of furniture, sofas or mattresses we can be your supplier here in Portugal. Optimize your company workflow and reduce your costs with a single supplier able to resale and supply you with furniture from the best Portuguese factories and manufacturers, always at very competitive prices or even at factory price! As we always buy in large quantities, we have special discounts and agreements with the best furniture factories in Portugal.

In addition to cost reduction and efficiency gains with centralization with a single supplier, we allow orders for individual pieces and small quantities, something impossible going directly to the factory. Perfect for your furniture store!

In terms of markets, we operate in our national market as well as in international markets, by exporting products to Europe, Africa and Asia. We always look for strong and long B2B relations with our clients that are mainly furniture stores, general commerce, retailers and hotels.

Our main goal is to remain a competitive company, always at the forefront of innovation, in order to provide a personalized and adequate service to our customers. We assume a business conduct based on five fundamental pillars: ethic, confidence, ambition, innovation and responsibility.




  • Pedro Leite
  • Flor Leite
  • Otília Leite
  • Dinarte Leite
  • Tiago Leite

Markets – Sales Percentage


  • Portugal
  • Africa (mainly Angola)
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Others


Some of the Manufacturers / Factories we Resale


  • Lourini Sofas
  • Prénino
  • Adriano Bandeira
  • Meireles
  • Beko
  • LG
  • Samsung


Above mentioned are some of the brands we sell. With us you can conciliate a huge variety of products and goods from different Portuguese factories and manufacturers at very competitive prices or even at factory price! All this is reflected in benefits for your company, obtaining a significant increase in productivity, reduction costs, in particular transport, logistics and administrative processes. Let us be your furniture supplier here in Portugal!