In order for our clients to know better our company facilities we have taken some photos. As you can see we have two warehouses with +/- 7000m2 of covered area and all the conditions to sell, trade and export quality furniture, sofas and mattresses, all made here in Portugal.

Besides our warehouses, we have dedicated loading docks for the container’s and transport, in order for us to load the products in a fast and efficient way.

We also have a car / van fleet with multiple vehicles to make all the necessary domestic transport here in Portugal.

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So if you are a furniture shop interested in buy / import products made here in Portugal, please contact us.

Did you already see our Sofas Catalog – 2017 Line? Designed by the famous designer Sylvain Joly and made here in Portugal on a ISO 9001 certified factory, this line of sofas have an excelent relation between quality/price.

Sylvain Joly Design Sofas

We have several models and configurations, such as: 3+2+1 set’s, corners, chaise’s, recliners, armchair’s and many more. In terms of fabrics we have several options in terms of quality and colors for tissues, synthetic leather and also real / genuine leather. We are an official distributor / wholesaler and we sell B2B to furniture stores and general commerce. So if you are looking to buy or import quality sofas made here in Portugal, you have found the perfect supplier!

Let us be your partner here in Portugal. One of the main reasons to work with us, is because we order in very large quantities and have special agreements with the factory, so you can with us buy mixed containers with many models. As an example, with us you can order a full container with one unit of each model or you can even order from us one single piece!

Always of course at very competitive prices, equal or even lower than if you go directly to the factory. Get in touch to request our price table.

To see all the models and details, check the sofas catalog. To open the catalog, click here.

We are pleased to inform that we already have available the first mattress in the world made using natural cork! This is a high-quality mattress, made here in Portugal on a ISO 9001 certified factory / manufacturer. Available with foam or metal springs, depending on the exact person sleep needs and preferences, this is an innovative product, made to compete with the best mattresses available in the market today.

To see detailed information and specifications about this mattress, please check the presentation brochure by clicking here

The ideal choice for a natural sleep!

In case you want to consult all our mattresses models (we have foam, metal springs, cork and latex models), please check our mattress catalog by clicking here.

We inform all our customers that we have released two new furniture catalogs (New Collection & Home Decor) that include various environments and spaces such as: living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, tables, chairs, etc…

Considered one of our most economic lines, made here in Portugal on a ISO 9001 certified factory, with a very modern and simple design, this two furniture lines have an excellent relation between quality/price.

We always look to build good, long and strong B2B business relations, to supply furniture stores and general commerce. So if you are interested in buying or import furniture made here in Portugal, we can be your supplier!

There are many good reasons to work with us, but one of the most important is the ability for you to buy mixed containers with many models and single pieces. As an example, you can order a full furniture container with one unit of each model or you can even order a mixed container with furniture, sofas and mattresses!

In terms of prices we are very competitive, equal or even lower than if you go directly to the factory. Get in touch to request our price table.

To check the catalogs, click on the links bellow:

Catalog New Collection

Catalog Home Decor

According to our company strategy of seeking to invest in new media and technologies, including the internet in order to increase the exposure of our products and to provide more information to our customers, we are pleased to inform that we released our new website! This way we try to meet the new and emerging needs of the digital revolution that we are living.

On our new website you can check all our company information and also see in detail all our catalogs, including furniture, sofas and mattresses. So if you are looking to find a partner to buy and import quality products made here in Portugal, check our catalogs here and then contact us with your questions and also to request the price table.

We hope you like our new website!

Stay tuned for all the portuguese furniture news. On this page we have gathered the news of our own company Móveis São Jorge. Meet not only the company’s news, but also the news of the portuguese furniture market and useful information for your store.

With more than 30 years on the market we have a vast experience of internationalization and exportation of furniture. Our company is the ideal partner for the supply of furniture, sofas and mattresses for resale. Our main clients are stores and shops. With an integrated strategy in the furnishing and decoration of various factories and manufacturers, Móveis São Jorge assumes itself as one of the leading wholesaler and supplier of furniture for resale in your own store. Our prices are very competitive and in many items we sell at factory price! We also allow for small orders, something impossible if you go directly to a factory here in Portugal.

From more traditional to contemporary and modern portuguese furniture, we only work with the best Portuguese furniture factories, to always guarantee a high quality product. Portugal is well known from its quality in terms of manufacturing. In our catalogs we have several lines of furniture of various styles, which will make a difference in the decoration of your customers’ houses! We also have at your disposal various services and decoration items. Móveis São Jorge is your best partner in Portugal.

Contact us today and get to know all our prices and sales conditions!